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With food innovation, Thai foods can be preserved at its best quality. And now you can enjoy your Thai moment easier than ever, no matter where you are.

Yum Siam serves Thai food right to your house anywhere in the world. Enjoy it easily without cooking.

Just simply open the box, add water, and TADA!


With food innovation, Thai foods can be preserved at its best quality. And now you can enjoy your Thai moment easier than ever, no matter where you are.

Yum Siam serves Thai food right to your house anywhere in the world. Enjoy it easily without cooking.

Just simply open the box, add water, and TADA!


Although you can find Thai restaurant everywhere in the world, you may wonder why many tourists come to visit Thailand not only to see the beauty of the land but also to try the taste of authentic Thai cuisine.

Take a look at “Tom Yum Goong”. This Thai signature dish is cooked using dozen of Thai ingredients including herbs and spices. In order to produce such wonderful taste and smell, the ingredients must be secured and the cooking process must be followed strictly.

Therefore, no one can do it better than Thais who can cook right in Thailand.

And Yum Siam serves that authentic taste right to your house.

"reasonable price"

You will be surprised finding out how cheap Thai foods in Thailand are. Most of Thai restaurants in another country are considered high class as Thai cuisine gains reputation internationally.

It also due to the scarcity of ingredients, lack of talented Thai chef and complexity of recipe.

To over come this issue, the only solution is to cook Thai foods in Thailand and find the way to serve them throughout the world. And that’s exactly what Yum Siam does


OKAY even though the taste and the price of Thai food in your country is acceptable, it may not be easy to find ones around your neighborhood.

You may find the recipe and learn how to cook them online, still the ingredients can only be found in an Asian import shop.

“We’ve been in that situation before!”

Don’t worry, Yum Siam is the solution to relieve your craving of Thai taste hassle-free.

Just a few click to shop our Thai foods, then they will be served right to you. Foods are cooked, preserved and packed ready to eat. And you can enjoy it within 5 minutes

Introducing the Innovation that…

“makes thai meal easier”

After years of research and development,

We found the most suitable technology that can preserves all the excellent aspects of Thai foods

By cooking every dishes using only fresh ingredients and go through the process that takes almost 50 hours!



We select “Freeze drying” as the preservation process for Thai foods. The idea is to control temperature and pressure very precisely in order to eliminate all the liquid of the food without destroying any of its qualifications


Moisure is the primary factor of food decay. Using the technology, we turn freshly-cooked foods into super dry foods. The foods that normally expire in a few days can now “LAST FOR A YEAR”. No need to put it in the refridgerator.


Having extremely low moisure makes the foods become so lightweight. You can carry the food and enjoy it anywhere you want very easily such as go hiking, go camping or even partying in your neighbor’s backyard


The preservation process using very low temperature, therefore the taste, the smell, and all the nutritions of the food remains. After simple preparation, the food refreshes and becomes like new


The dry food is carefully packed into the tray. To enjoy its amazing taste, just add water to the tray. The dry food then absorbs water into its particle and turns back to freshly-cooked food in only 3 – 5 minutes.


All the cooking process takes place right in Thailand by Thai chef using Thai ingredients and following Thai authentic recipe. With this innovation food, you can enjoy the original Thai cuisine without having to be in Thailand


We believe everyone deserves to enjoy their favorite meals whenever and wherever they want. This should happen at the lowest cost possible and also with the finest convenience.

Everyday, cartons after cartons of Thai food from us are delivered to several countries where our value customers are risiding.

We are working harder and harder toward our goal. And people from around the world are enjoying their meal with Yum Siam

“how people enjoy Their Meal

with Yum Siam”

“The journey to Europe or USA is usually amazing except for the food. For the first few days it was ok. But later on, we starts to lose appetite. That’s when we need the taste of Thai food. And Yum Siam makes it much easier for us”

PHEN, Thai travelling to USA

“Thai food is one of my favorite. My husband and I usually go out for it on the weekend. But we don’t have that much time on weekdays. Until we started to buy Yum Siam from their website. Now we can enjoy Thai food much more often”

NAPA, Chinese living in USA

“I really love Thai food. I remember buying Yum Siam from supermarket in Thailand and wonder if I like it how can I buy it again. Now, I can buy it online and wait for delivery, So easy! Som Tam and Tom Yum Kung are my favorites!”

TAO, Chinese Tourist

“It’s unbelievable that nowadays we can buy Thai foods online at very low price and just sit back waiting for it at home. It is so convenient and the taste is incredible! It’s perfect for both me and my family when I’m away from home”

CHANYA, Expat in Germany

“It’s so easy easpecially when I go out for camping. I like Thai food actually but it’s quite expensive, so I can only eat it once in a while. But for Yum Siam it’s cheaper and I think the taste is different from local Thai restaurants here. It’s more like my taste”

PETE, Thai food lover in USA

“When we go treking, we bring many ready-to-eat foods. Among all of them, Yum Siam is our favorite, especially Tom Yum Kung. It’s so light, easy to carry and easy to prepare. Everyone loves the spiciness. it makes us feel warmer”

SUNDAR, Trekker in Nepal

“We taste the green mango salad, it’s so delicious. We devour it! It’s good to know that we can buy it online now. Actually, there are a lot of Thai restaurants here but I guess Thai can cook Thai food much better. Also, Yum Siam is very cheap”

FIRST, Hiker from Singapore

“Everytime we have long holidays, Thai students will gather together and cook big meals. But without holiday, don’t even imagine. Luckily my friend try to order Yum Siam once. The delivery only takes a week. Now I have dozens of them in my dorm”

AKE, Thai student in UK

bring authentic thai taste to your table today

♠ Low price

♥ Storable

♦ Easy to prepare

♣ Fresh as new

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